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Mrs. Rukmani Agrawal

India has been fast emerging as the talent hub for global knowledge economy. At Vision School of Management we are conceived and established to bridge the gap between growing demand of quality management professionals and their availability. We are committed to develop leaders in management with the competencies demanded by a rapidly changing complex global business setting. We strive to produce managers of high caliber and develop them with a vision and an in-depth understanding of the real life business through diverse pedagogy and exposures.

On behalf of Vision School of Management & College of Commerce, I welcome all students who share our commitment and conviction for developing their career to a level where they desire. It is rightly pointed out in our UPNISHAD-“You are what your deep driving desire is, As your desire is so is your will, As is your will so is your act, As is your act so is your destiny.”

As Chairman of the institute, it is my privilege to oversee the ongoing development of the institute in to an effective learning center with an interdisciplinary perspective committed to making a difference. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join our world where life is an experience of change.

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