Anti Ragging

College campus is a place to find valuable friendship and to cherish unforgettable moments. We, here at VISION strongly condemn any kind of ragging practices. Our students welcome the freshers with flowers and advices and they do not believe in violence or unhealthy practices. Our faculty members impart good values with education and that is what set VISION apart.

Anti Ragging Committee

Anti Ragging Committee of following members is constituted for the session 2014-15 to strictly observe that no such activity occurs in the college campus. Moreover, the committee members will also look after the complaints received, if any outside the campus also.

No. Name Designation Detail
A Dr. Sadhana Mandloi Director Proctor
B Department of Management
01. Mr. Mukesh Kumar Kumawat Management Incharge
02. Mr. Vinay Jain Management Member
03. Mrs. Tina Sharma Management Member
C Department of Computer Science
01. Mr. Hari Singh Computer Engineering Incharge
02. Mr. Ashish Chourey Computer Engineering Member
03. Mr. Yogender Singh Computer Engineering Member

All the students are required to report to above mentioned persons regarding any type of indiscipline activity in the college.

Anti Ragging Helpline

Dr. Sadhana Mandloi
Chief Proctor
Mobile No.: 9414156609

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